Vyas Puja Offerings for Srila Gurudev – 2016

Here are some Vyas Puja Offerings for Srila Gurudev  (2016)

Dear Sripad Bodhayan Maharaja,

With deep appreciation and humbled by your extraordinary example of spiritual quality and authenticity, I cannot find the words to express our gratitude for your loving encouragement. I think PATIENCE says it best. Although COMPASSION is what that patience comes from. To tolerate such a fallen soul as me who is always struggling in the realm of Maya to have even a little faith on the Holy Name and devotees, is actually and inspiration. If you can show that much compassion and tolerance to me, it means how much I should show to others. You are such a wonderful example of our Guru Maharaja’s teachings and you have taken his mission tirelessly all over the globe. I am equally proud to be some how connected with you and also ashamed of the poor example that I have been and the useless servant I have become. Your words are not lost on me and I pray to be rectified from my fallen condition and be able to assist and help you serve Guru Maharaja’s mission.

I pray that you will not give up on me as I struggle to make progress. I pray that you will continue to bless me with desire to chant the Holy Names. I pray that I can have more and more of your association and that I can find some steadiness in my devotional life. You are always my well wisher and I am eternally grateful for your kindness. I will not give up and promise to try harder to be useful to you in the mission of Mahaprabhu and our Guru-varga. Although this day I should be offering you something, I can only beg that you give me a small place anywhere in your mission. I am a dog and dogs are best left outside watching the door and barking at intruders….what ever place you give me I will happily accept with gratitude.

I pray to remain your humble servant,
Ramdas Das

Namo om vishnupadaya krishna presthayabhutale srimate bhaktipromode puri goswami iti namine.

Our Esteemed spiritual master HDG Srila Bhakti Promode Puri Goswami  has selected you as The Acarya and guiding guru of Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math. I pray to His Lotus Feet that he may always give me the sufficient intelligence that I may always be aware if that special  position of yours so that my previous conditioning may not overcome me and make me pliant and susceptible to the on rage of  serious offenses  unwittingly which is inherent in my nature. Not only do I pray for your continued success on the eve of Your auspicious Appearance Day but I also ask forgiveness for my  faulty nature and pessimism with the occasional outbursts all due to the accumulated sins of my previous life.

Please be kind enough to forget the ghory past as the present is here in order that we may all jointly work and add to the glories of the spiritual master.

My obeisances again.

Fallen servant
Saran Damodar

Gurudeva every year I try to find words within my heart that can properly glorify Gurudeva. I have come to a realisation that I don’t have a heart worthy of your glorification as it’s harder than a rock and almost non-existent. But by your mercy and the strength of Gurudeva, Guru Vargas, and Sri Sarasvati Gaudiya Vasishnava’s I manage to make a pitiful offering.

Gurudeva tirelessly preaches all over the world and inspire thousands and thousands of souls to follow our bellowed Sri Mahaprabhu and his instructions for chanting the holy name and performing Harinam Sankirtan without offenses.

In this age of Kaliyuga we can feel the strength of Srimati Mayadevi and to release ourselves from her grasp is difficult to say the least and almost impossible. Yet Gurudeva shows by example that it is possible. And how so,
by sharanagati – surrender.

I sit every day, with the knowledge that Chanting, Reading, associating with high class association and following the regulative principals are our salvation. Yet it’s like the saying “talk is cheap when your words are of no value”. However Gurudeva you show us how these sacred words can be realised, by your exemplary practice.

In every way Gurudeva is teaching us how to be a devotee and to serve our eternal beautiful Sri Sri Radha Krsna Yugala Kisore. Yet due to our contamination we cannot follow the basic instructions of our beloved Gurudeva and Guru Vargha. What to think of following higher instructions.

When we make a plea for mercy its only words and not from the heart and hence we don’t receive the mercy and Gurudeva you are the reservoir of mercy. Hence I pray that I can one day beg for that mercy with all my heart so
that I can be worthy of receiving that mercy.

Gurudeva by the mercy of Sri Krsna I have come into contact with Gurudeva and I think I have been fortunate enough to make a negligible advancement and for that I am eternally grateful. My constant prayer is that I will one day realise the blessings I have received and to be eligible to serve with Gurudeva and Sri Rupa Manjari in the groves of Vrindavan.

Right now I feel that I am an embarrassment to Gurudeva and Sri Guru vargha. I am not worthy for even submitting this pitiful offering. I only pray that some of my offering is genuine enough for Gurudeva’s worth and not just words that are of no value.

From the bottom of our heart Gurudeva we know you are a fully realise soul and you are our salvation from this miserable situation. Our humble prayer is that Gurudeva don’t give up on us and have patience with us. Some devotees develop quickly and other slowly. Due to our lack of sukrity we are progressing very slowly.

Wishing Gurudeva a beautiful Vyasa Puja

Please allow us to be your insignificant servant’s life after life,

Your insignificant Disciples,
Sunil Krishna Das, Minaxi Devi Dasi, and Dina-Dayamayi

Haribol Gurudev

All glories to Srila Bhakti Bibudha Bodhayan Maharaj

Dandavat Pranams to you Gurudev on this very special and auspicious occasion when with your appearance came a ray of hope for all the unfortunate jivas like myself, struggling hopelessly in the vicelike grip of Maya, of continuous pain and suffering and repeated birth and death.

As said when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear: you showed me the way to serving at the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radhakrishna and for that I’m eternally grateful to you.

May you continue to spread the message of Mahaprabhu : the only way in this age of Kali is the chanting of the holy Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare,

Dandavat pranams and good wishes to you Gurudev on your Vyasapuja.

Your forever grateful disciple
Ramdas Prabhu


Gurudeva, full dandavat pranams on this most auspicious day which will start in India in 3h00.
I am so sad that you are not here today, that I cannot hear the sweet voices of all the devotees singing your Glories.
If I examine myself, I cannot find any good qualities and any good deeds or service that I perform, if anyone is satisfied with it is by your mercy alone and by your unconditional love towards this useless servant.
I pray that you will always use this old dog for the service of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga and please do not abandon me.

By your mercy, I am able to face my inner demons and also to properly adjust myself to improve my devotional life. Everything you do and say is always to help and now by your mercy I am able to see it and also embrace it with my heart, instead of reacting with my ego.

As many have pointed out, I have no qualification of being a Vaishnava, I am simply an aspiring vaishnava, like a dog aspiring to be a human, I will continue my duty as a dog, praying by your mercy that one day I will have the qualification needed to properly engage in Bhakti (service devoided of personal interest).

Your eternal servant,
Anuradha dasi

Dear Srila Gurudeva,

Please accept my dandavt pranams at your lotus feet.

All glories to his divine grace Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Goswami Maharaj, all glories to his divine grace Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupad.

According to Srila Bhaktivinod Thakura, one who follows religious principles and teaches others is an acarya. By exhibiting his own behavior he attracts the attention and faith of other living entities,so according to this definition there is no doubt that you are amongst those who teach by their perfect example .In this material world human beings need a role model in order to understand the deep meaning of human life and cross all obstacles in the path of true ,unconditional love.The spiritual master is the personification of this perfect role model,because he is a perfect disciple ,a pure representative of his own spiritual master.

Gurudev you are such a perfect representative of our beloved Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Goswami .Any sincere sadakha wants to follow in your footsteps.

Gurudev I pray on this  most auspicious day that some day I will develop by your grace the strong desire to follow the sincere souls who are truly dedicated to you and our entire Guru lineage , to make my life successful and become a real disciple,

an aspirant servant of your lotus feet
Phanibhusan das

Dear Maharaja,

All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gouranga .

Maharaja on this your appearance day I am reminded of your compassion and kindness to any one who is in your vicinity . Your compassion is shown by the way you give Krishna to everyone who comes to you . No matter how fallen or how advanced an aspiring Devotee is you were constantly encouraging , enlivening and showing the proper way to do things.

Your kindness is manifested by the way you care for each individual that comes to you. I have experienced in the past how you are  always concerned and are very personal with your disciples. Your tolerance that I have seen through the years in different situations shows me by example how I hope to be .With in this past year I have had major pain physically and emotionally but some how u have help me and gave me the strength to deal with it and rise above it . When I am in your association either vani or vapu I always feel enliven to be a better person in my life … Spiritual n even in my material dealing . I am forever your servant a soul surrendered to you Maharaja .

I have been following your prescription that you gave me since the last time we spoke and I have no doubt that you also gave me the strength to fallow . So I thought I would send you a pic of my altar . I hope it makes you happy .

Your eternal servant
Radhanarupini dd

My Dear Srila Guru Maharaj,

Please accept my the most humble and loving obeisances.

Almost every disciple being at the certain state thinks that his Gurudev loves him more than anyone else in the world. It happens due to the Guru’s ability to know the heart of the disciple and give him exactly what his heart needs.

My heart was speckled with holes when You found me. I was battered and dirty like a homeless dog. Frustrated and neglected. My holey heart had no ability to love, to give or be compassionate. So you’ve started repairing it, filling these multiple holes with Your love and care, with Your thoughtfulness and affection.

Sometimes it seems that there is no limit of your love. There is no edge of Your capacity to sacrifice yourself. There is no point where you can stop, saying: “This is enough! I gave out enough!” No matter what is the response you continue to give.
Because sometimes it’s really not enough. Sometimes a small hole turns up to be a deepest well and you need all love in this world to fill it up. But even then You do not stop giving. This is how much love is in Your heart.

You planted a seed of love and devotion in my heart. The land was dry. And there was not much growth in the beginning. But You didn’t seem to be disappointed or frustrated. You just kept watering the sprout with Your endless care and affection. You observed its growth, giving nurture and protection it needed. This if how much dedication and faith you have. This is how much you believe in Your disciples. You never give up. Always having hope, ready to give Your encouragement and support.

The human brain has a function that makes us adjustable to everything in our life. It improves our ability to survive physically and mentally, but may make us forgetful and ungrateful. With that function inside we become adjustable even to severe sufferings and pain. But in the same time we are easily getting used to be adored, to be taken care of, and to be nourished. And it used to happen to me! How many times I took You for granted. And still You were there for me. How many times I didn’t show You due respect! How many times I was angry, ungrateful, forgetful, resentful and upset with you. And how many times I rejected You. Still you were there for me. This is how much forgiveness You have to your disciples. This how much love You have for me and for all of us.

I do believe that Guru is a form of Krishna in a disciple’s life. And the biggest gift that You gave me being my Guru is the sense of Krishna’s presence in every aspect and in every moment of my life. You showed me His charisma, His wit and tricks. You showed me His wisdom, foresight and gumption. You showed me His love, affection and care. You made me feel totally enveloped with His gentle support and guidance, which gradually lead me to His Adobe as His eternal servant. You filled my heart with gratitude, with faith and hope. You filled up every single hole in it, making it capable to feel love and give back.

There is nothing in this world that can bend or break my firm faith in Krishna and You, my dearest Gurudev. Nothing can turn me away from You or from the path I’ve chosen. Nothing can withdraw my attention from the only desire I have – to be a Krishna’s servant life after life after life and make You happy with every step I make.

Today, on the auspicious day of Your Appearance, I offer You my innumerable obeisances, wishing You to continue Your loving Mission in this world with all possible success and appreciation. I wish you to continue be a perfect, loving and profound guide for all Your disciples. I wish you to continue spreading The Holy Name with the same level of purity, sincerity and dedication that You constantly show by all Your actions and teachings.

May The Devine Couple, Sri Sri Radha Krishna be choosing You again and again to be an Ambassador of Their Glories and an Embodiment of Their Love, Wisdom and Beauty.

With lots of love and gratitude,

Yours in service,
Rasapriya dasi

Dear Gurudev,

My koti koti dandavat pranams.
I have neither the words nor the qualification to describe or understand your exalted position.
All I know for sure is that you are my only shelter. By your grace only I have the strength to engage in vsisnav seva and with your blessings only  I can reach my goal.
Your are merciful to all without discrimination. Your saintly qualities are rare to find.
All I can say is:

‘O Lord and Master! When will such mercy fall to this one who is weak and devoid of intelligence? Allow me to be with you.’

kabe heno kripa, labhiya e jana,
kritartha hoibe, natha!
sakti-buddhi-hina, ami ati dina,
koro’ more atma-satha

You are so merciful that you are the only one who has given me shelter, rejected by everyone , am so fallen .  On this auspicious day , I beg the Lord and the guruparampara , to always keep me at your lotus feet. And I beg you to continue giving me your mercy that one day I will actually realise the holy name.

I pray for your long life and good health always.

Your servant,

All Glories to Sri Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Saraswat Smpradaya (lineage).

To Most Respected,

H.H. B.B. Bodhayan Swami Maharaj

Sri Gopinath Gaudiya Math.

1. I have perused your letter to all devotees and I was touched from the heart for the humility and love you have for all devotees irrespective of which Ashram/ Math they belong to

2. Since I first met you few years back, you have been my “Marg Darshak” and a caring and affectionate spiritual master

3. I have seen how you go out of your way to help others and also bend backwards to help them emotionally spiritually & financially too.

4. On this auspicious holy day, I only hope and pray that you will keep showering your love and affection on all of us and guide us on our path of self realization.

Koti Koti Dandavat Pronam

Goursundarhari Das
(Dr. G.C. Dutt, IPS)
IGP Police HQ
Kolkata, WB

Dearest Gurudev,

Please accept my dandavat pranams at your lotus feet.

Oh Gurudev, by your grace only I manage to remain on the path of Bhakti . I feel so blessed Sri Krsna reunited us. But the truth is I don’t feel I am worth of being part of such an incredibly divine lineage; I am not steady in anything,my faith is so weak and I am so often lost in what and where I should do and live…

You are the one who keeps my head out of the water. I have full trust in you even if I struggle to follow your instructions.

Once again I’m writing this offering to you on this auspicious day ,expressing only my littleness instead of glorifying your qualities.

Thank you for being so loving and personal with our temple,my family and my self.
Even if very often I miss my old life ,temple, friends and family, I know for now your temple is the best shelter there can be.

Please help me be more incline to Bhakti, I really have the desire to love the Lord  but I don’t do what it takes to achieve that goal. I need your mercy, I beg for your mercy.

Thank you again and again to have accepted me as your disciple.My debt is huge and eternal.
May Srimati Radharani shower flowers on your path with her mercy.

I love you from the bottom of my heart dear Gurudev,dear father,dearest guide,

your little daughter,
Krsnamayi devi dasi

All glories to Gurudev!
All glories to the Gaudiya Math!
All glories to all the vaisnavas!
All glories to Gopal ji Mandir!

Dear Gurudev,

On this Vyasa puja day, I want to write this little letter to thank you for your spiritual presence.

It’s hard in this material world when you have to work, family life far from a temple and to remember in your heart Bhakti all the time.

This world is so full of obstacles,and one needs to be a warrior to follow this path of Bhakti.

My spiritual life is full of ups and downs,nothing is simple. But what would be my life with out your presence? your spiritual presence ? you who gave me the Holly Name. With out you Gurudev where would I be? What would I do?
I feel you next to me when I chant my rounds, when I listen to lectures of Maharaj at the Gopal ji Mandir
For all that and much more I try to follow your instructions Gurudev.

your humble servant,
Isvara Puri das

Dandwat pranam gurudev!!!

We all wish you  a very very Happy Birthday!!  Gurudev we don’t know how to wish a spiritual master on his appearance day but we just wanna thank you and our whole guru lineage  for accepting fallen souls like us as your disciples and giving  this precious Krishna Bhakti!!  Please shower your merciful blessings upon us and forgive our faults if any(I know there are many) and help us to achieve the spiritual goal I.e. Service under the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha Krishna!!!!
Please visit India frequently and as soon as possible!!
specially Vrindavan!!!

From Radhakanti Krishnnapriya Brajeshwasi Dasi Chandrashekar Prabhu

Dear Srila Guru Maharaj,

please accept my the most sincere and revered obeisances in the dust of Your Lotus Feet.

Today, right before a day of Entire-Universe Teacher appearance, Lord Balaramji, He also
mercifully bestowed all our unworthy heads with possibility so serve You. You have appeared
in this day in order to deliver all of our fallen souls, pour on our heads the showers of nectar
knowledge about Their Divine Graces Sri Sri Radha Gopinathji.

May Lord Krishna be always merciful to You. May He bestow You all His endless blessings upon You.
May Their Divine Couple be always satisfied with Your wholehearted service to Them. May Your
body never suffer and let You continuously serve entire Guru-varga as per Your heart’s desire.

Let me personally wish in You in such a bright for all of us day of Your holy appearance, all the
success in Your very very tough mission.

Aspiring to be Your servant,
Damodar das

Revered Bodhayan Maharaj

Please accept my humble dandavat pranam on this most auspicious day of Your appearance.

Maharaj, every year on this wonderful day, I make a feeble attempt to express my feelings, to thank You and describe the wonderful contribution that You have made to my life. However, I am not qualified or able to describe Your glories or my true sentiments in words.

Maharaj, You are the embodiment of the Vaisnav qualities that You describe in Your article. Your loving and forgiving/accepting nature attracts everyone. Even though You are far superior to us conditioned souls, You humbly honour and give respect to everyone. Your mercy and kindness have no limits. You have so much patience with wretched persons like myself, who are not fixed on the spiritual path (like the Chaatak bird You described) and who allow material distractions (like work, family, etc.) to consume our precious time. Maharaj, all of Your actions are selfless and for the betterment of us fallen souls. If one takes the time to reflect on Your nature, Your magnanimity is difficult to conceive or understand, and can bring tears to one’s eyes. Maharaj, You are like a most loving father, but I am like a naughty child that is absorbed in useless, material toys and is not taking advantage of my father’s affection. Maharaj, You are ever-ready to distribute Radha-Krishna prema, but I am so foolish that I don’t firmly strive to make myself suitable to receive this most rare treasure from You. What cure is there for such stupidity!

Maharaj, saying “thank you” is too small and does not do justice to Your contribution in my life. Today, if I standing looking at the ladder of spiritual progress and contemplating climbing it, it is only because of You. The fact that I haven’t been able to place a firm foot on the first step is completely my own fault, but if it wasn’t for You, I would be completely lost in the bewilderment of Maya, ignorant even of the ladder itself. So, I cannot thank You enough Maharaj. I know that You give me very simple instructions because You are well-aware of my own inadequacies, and only once I am able to improve myself, then You will expand Your instructions. Maharaj, I been trying to follow Your simple instructions to the best of my ability, i.e. to take care of my parents and to start a family. I am also consciously keeping tracking of my chanting (from our discussion in Mauritius, You said in order to become suitable for diksha initiation, we should chant a fixed number of rounds without compromise for at least a year). Maharaj, thank You also for engaging me in the book editing seva. It has been a most wonderful thing for me. Now that the Guru Tattva book has been sent for final review and publishing, please, please do engage me in other such seva or any seva that You feel I may be able to execute.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to Srila Gurudev! Maharaj, all glories to You! The ornament amongst Srila Gurudev’s disciples! Please continue to keep this useless, wretched servant in the shade of Your mercy.

Dandavat pranam Maharaj

Your humble servant
Padma devi dasi

Dear Gurudev

Please accept my most humble dandavat pranam at Your lotus feet.

Gurudev, on this most auspicious day after reading Your article, i feel really very privileged and lucky to have come into Gurudev’s association. When i think about what my life was like before I met Gurudev, even though i was content with everything around me and felt that I was happy , i realize now that there was emptiness within me. For the past 10 years, since i have been in Gurudev’s association, even though outwardly at times, it would seem that there are many problems around me and obstacles that are coming my way, i still feel peaceful and happiness within me. I can only believe that this feeling of inner peace is as a result of Gurudev’s causeless mercy to me. I can only believe that it is because Gurudev has given me the gift of living and shown me the path to my ultimate goal.

In this day and age, there are so many hypocritical people around us, people who are preaching 1 thing but practicing something else. It is however, amazing to be able to see Gurudev as a living example practicing the four Vaishnava qualities. On so many occasions while with Gurudev, i have seen for myself Gurudev displaying these qualities. For useless souls like myself, it is sometimes very difficult for me to practice these qualities but Gurudev is a really great inspiration for me to improve myself.

I do not know what my eternal position is but i know that I share a deep connection with you, Gurudev. I have felt this on many occasions. When i have uncertainties or questions in my mind, without me speaking of them, Gurudev is able to answer my questions and clear my uncertainties. This shows me that Guru is really non different from Krishna.

Gurudev, even though i feel that i don’t have any qualifications to give blessing, still i pray from the bottom of my heart that any goodness that i have achieved through my faulting practice thus far, then this goodness can be given to You so that Gurudev is able to follow the instructions and teachings of the entire Guru Parampara without any obstacles and difficulties.

Thank you so much for guiding and helping me Gurudev

Your Humble but useless servant
Vrajeswar das
(Johannesburg, South Africa)



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