Daily Quotation


Material Problems will be Solved Automatically

We should not ask our spiritual master to solve our material problems. The actual fact is that, when we are able to succeed in our spiritual […]

Guru-Tattva is not about an Individual Personality

According to our previous acharyas, guru-tattva is not about an individual personality. Guru represents Krishna and the entire lineage, the guru parampara. But, due to a […]

Genuine Spiritual Benefit of Hari-Katha

In order to get genuine spiritual benefit of Hari-katha, we should always remember the perfect example of speaking and hearing Harikatha by Sukadeva Goswami and Maharaja […]

Material Attachment is Increasing Why?

Although we engage in hearing Harikatha, we may not feel we are improving spiritually, or decreasing our material attachment. Rather, we may find that our material […]