Daily Quotation


Men Living in this Material World

Men living in this material world lost their awareness about their abode and became devoid of religion. They believe in the so called worldly affairs, disregard […]

Exemplary Teaching of Vaisnava Etiquette

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gave us the exemplary teaching of vaisnava etiquette; to be humble like a blade of grass, tolerant like a tree, and to offer […]
Srila Bhakti Bibudha Bodhayan Maharaj

Spiritual Master’s Instruction

An entire day means 24-hours. According to my spiritual master’s instruction, “We should engage ourselves in the service of Guru, Vaisnava, and Bhagavan (Sri Krishna) the […]
Srila Bhakti Bibudha Bodhayan Maharaj

Chanting the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra with Offenses

Please don’t think that chanting the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra with offenses will not give any benefit. Still, if we maintain material attachments, our benefit may come […]